2013 Showreel

CG Generalist

Hi! My name's Béchara Nicolas, I'm a VFX Supervisor / CG Generalist, I work as a freelancer.
I do CG for commercials, music videos and motion graphics. I do on set supervision.

I am an IGS190 mocap TD and I come from a graphic design background.

I created CGget.com a video tutorial blog where i share my experience helping newcomers get into CG. Feel free to check out my work or view my résumé.
I am currently available for hire.

I'm not a "virtual" social guy, i prefer socializing "face to face", however you can find me at the following places or you can always send me an email, I will try my best not to disappoint and socialize virtually more often :-)

2010 - Current
notably for these companies

as a VFX and CG Generalistfreelance companies

Full Time
02/2006 - 04/2010
for these awesome companies

as a graphic designer, 3d animator, compositor,
CG generalist and mocap TD.cg companies


Modeling, texturing, shading, animating, lighting, rendering and everything in between on Softimage and helpers.
Drawing, illustrating, retouching, tracking and compositing on Photoshop, Illustrator, After effects and Fusion.

If a human being can do it,
then I can !- Me
Contact info
  • Name: Béchara Nicolas
  • Address: Beirut, Lebanon
  • E-mail: info@cgfreelance.com